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'Australian News'에 해당되는 글 4건

  1. 2009.04.01 Taxpayers at risk of losing tax bonus (9)
  2. 2009.03.31 RBA says more rate cuts if needed (4)
  3. 2009.03.27 Widow jailed for Centrelink fraud (3)
  4. 2009.03.26 Yamba named top town in Australia (1)
2009. 4. 1. 18:46 Australian News

As of next Monday 6th April, the Government plans to pay out a bonus of $900 to people whose taxable income last year was up to $80,000, $600 to those whose income was between $80,000 and $90,000 and $250 to those whose income was between $90,000 and $100,000.

But don't count your chickens before they hatch.

If you are one of the many Aussies that are eagerly awaiting next Monday's stimulus package tax bonus, it seems that you may be getting slightly ahead of yourself.

Australian academic Bryan Pape has launched a controversial case that is being heard by the High Court this week regarding whether or not the government tax bonus is "constitutional".

Pape, who lectures at the University of New England, says calling the payments a tax bonus is false.

"Saying so doesn't make it so, and the first question will be - is it a law with respect to taxation?" Pape declared.

His arguement has raised the possibility that taxpayers targeted by the Federal Government in recent months to receive the $900 tax bonus may be legally entitled to only a portion of the payment.

Pape has told the court that on one interpretation of the constitution, the law passed by Federal Parliament in February to pay the bonus could operate only by refunding tax owed in 2007-08.

In this situation, any taxpayer whose tax liability last year fell under $899 would be entitled to only that amount as a bonus, which could be as little as $1.

This essentially targets low income earners, the people who arguably need the bonus the most, and who the government are targeting primarily to stimulate the economy by spending.

If this interpretation is upheld, 957,000 taxpayers expected to qualify for the bonus would be affected.

With payments expected to be processed in the coming weeks (beginning next Monday), the Australian Taxation Office will need to know by Thursday 2nd April if it can proceed with printing the cheques.

The case continues today.


From Yahoo AU. http://au.biz.yahoo.com/y7finance_editorial/31032009/taxpayers_risk_losing_tax_bonus.html

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2009. 3. 31. 11:38 Australian News

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) says there is scope to cut interest rates further if needed, with domestic economic growth expected to fall in 2009.

RBA deputy governor Ric Battellino also said Australia was better placed to ride a revival in the global economy, and that were some positive signs in recent economic data in the US.

"The monetary policy transmission process has been effective and there remains scope to ease policy further if circumstances require," Mr Battellino told the Urban Development Institute of Australia National Congress 2009 in Brisbane on Tuesday.

Mr Battellino also said households and businesses across Australia had benefited from cuts to the official interest rate, unlike in other nations where rate cuts had not flowed through as well to those sectors.

The RBA lowered the cash rate from 7.25 per cent to a 45-year low of 3.25 per cent between last September and February in a bid to cushion the economy from a possible recession.

Debt futures markets are pricing the RBA to cut the cash rate by 25 basis points to three per cent when its board meets next on April 7.

The swing in the budget balances of governments across Australia from a surplus of 1.5 per cent in 2008 to an estimated deficit of 2.5 per cent this year due to increased spending was supporting the economy, but would not prevent gross domestic product from contracting in 2009, Mr Battellino said.

"This turnaround - about four per cent of GDP - is the largest in the post-war period," Mr Battellino said.

"These measures will go a long way to offsetting the negative influences on the economy coming from abroad, but the reality is that we cannot fully insulate ourselves from what is happening elsewhere in the world.

"As such, GDP is likely to fall in 2009.

Domestic GDP shrunk 0.5 per cent in the December quarter, the first contraction in the economy in eight years, recent Australian Bureau of Statistics data showed.

The March quarter national accounts data will be released on June 3.

Mr Battellino said Australia had entered a difficult period for the global economy in September 2008 in "much better shape" than many other countries.

"Australia will remain one of the better performing economies in the developed world and be well placed to benefit from the renewed global expansion when it comes," he said.

The US economy, whose impact on the global recession was profound, was starting to show an occasional glimmer, Mr Battellino said.

"On the real economy, we are starting to notice the odd positive economic indicator in the run of US monthly data, in contrast to the universally negative outcomes a few months ago," he said.

"Let's hope this continues."

China was a factor to a turnaround of the global economy and it was important to Australia's fortunes, Mr Battellino said.

He said Chinese authorities had reacted swiftly and strongly with monetary and fiscal measure to stimulate their economy.

"While China is not going to return to a 12 per cent growth rate any time soon, it is quite possible that the past six months will turn out to have been the period of maximum weakness in the Chinese economy," he said.

While house price fell on average three per cent in Australia during 2008, the local property market performed better than in the UK and US where prices fell around 20 per cent, Mr Battellino said.

The 90-day arrears rate on housing loans was 0.5 per cent, well below the level in the UK and US.

Mr Battellino said rising unemployment would create problems for household to service their mortgages, while a reduction of eight per cent on average on loan repayments gave borrowers breathing space if they occur difficulties.

"The majority of households have chosen not to spend the money that has been freed up," he said.

Rather, they have maintained high repayments and are therefore moving ahead of schedule in repaying their loans."

From Yahoo Astralia http://au.biz.yahoo.com/090331/2/25hcp.html

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2009. 3. 27. 17:04 Australian News

A woman has been jailed for three years for fraudulently

claiming $78,000 in Centrelink payments.

Elizabeth Mary Kirkpatrick, 61, pleaded guilty in the District Court

in Adelaide defrauding the Commonwealth and dishonestly

obtaining a benefit.

Since 1998, she had falsely claimed unemployment benefits

and used them to pay her children's debts.

Judge Steven Millsteed said it was easy to sympathise with the widow's financial situation as

she had not used the money to obtain a lifestyle she could otherwise not afford.

But he said it was unacceptable to dip into the public purse as she did.

Kirkpatrick was given a non-parole term of nine months and must repay all of the money.

From ABC News

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2009. 3. 26. 13:26 Australian News

A sleepy seaside hamlet in northern NSW has been named Best Town in Australia by a panel of tourism and travel experts.

Yamba, a township of 5,600 people whose sole industry is fishing and best known as the town closest to Angourie, one of Australia's most famous surf breaks, beat some of Australia's tourism "hot spots" to top the list of the best 100 towns.

According to the survey conducted by Australian Traveller magazine, Port Douglas, Broome, Byron Bay, Port Fairy and Margaret River were among the towns pipped by Yamba.

Australian Traveller editor Greg Barton said Yamba's selection as top town, along with the second choice of Esperance, in southern Western Australia , was surprising.

He said they had qualified as outsiders but that both could be described as "coastal fishing gems".

"Yamba ... may be upset at being named the Best Town in Australia. Their idyllic secret is out and they may have to share," Mr Barton said.

"The final list was surprising for me but on reflection it makes sense.

"These towns have stunning scenery, a unique story and the mystique of the understated and undiscovered - until now.

"They just don't come with the crowds and circus that surround some of the more popular towns."

Mr Barton said to choose the 100 best towns, the panellists were presented with a short list of 300 towns.

They were asked: "On a scale of one to 10, how likely are you to recommend a friend add one hour to their trip just to visit this town?"

The answers were then tabulated to compile the top 100.

"We think we have it pretty spot on," Mr Barton said.

"I'm sure we'll be inundated with alternatives and howls of injustice. Let the people decide."

The top 10 towns, in order, are Yamba, NSW; Esperance, WA; Port Douglas, Queensland; Broome, WA; Port Fairy, Victoria; Beechworth, Victoria; Byron Bay, NSW; Apollo Bay, Victoria; Strahan, Tasmania , and Margaret River, WA.

In a state-by state breakdown of the listings, NSW had 29 towns in the top 100, Victoria 16, Queensland 16, South Australia 13, WA 13 and Tasmania seven.

A sleepy seaside hamlet in northern NSW has been named Best Town in Australia by a panel of tourism and travel experts.

Yamba, a township of 5,600 people whose sole industry is fishing and best known as the town closest to Angourie, one of Australia's most famous surf breaks, beat some of Australia's tourism "hot spots" to top the list of the best 100 towns.

The Top 100 list is below:

1. Yamba NSW
2. Esperance WA
3. Port Douglas QLD
4. Broome WA
5. Port Fairy VIC
6. Beechworth VIC
7. Byron Bay NSW
8. Apollo Bay VIC
9. Strahan TAS
10. Margaret River WA
11. South West Rocks NSW
12. Bright VIC
13. Alice Springs NT
14. Lorne VIC
15. Mallacoota VIC
16. Hahndorf SA
17. Burnt Pine, Norfolk Island
18. Mission Beach QLD
19. Daylesford VIC
20. Noosa QLD
21. Portsea VIC
22. Bowral NSW
23. Fremantle WA
24. Kangaroo Valley NSW
25. Broken Hill NSW
26. Nelson Bay NSW
27. Bellingen NSW
28. Leura NSW
29. Queenscliff VIC
30. Mudgee NSW
31. Mossman QLD
32. Jindabyne NSW
33. Katherine NT
34. Airlie Beach QLD
35. Echuca VIC
36. Angaston SA
37. Mataranka NT
38. Coffin Bay SA
39. Robe SA
40. Tilba Tilba NSW
41. Swansea TAS
42. Seal Rocks NSW
43. Pokolbin NSW
44. Cooktown QLD
45. Port Lincoln SA
46. Longreach QLD
47. Silverton NSW
48. Huskisson NSW
49. Streaky Bay SA
50. Penola SA 51 Jabiru NT
52. Stanley TAS
53. Lightning Ridge NSW
54. Merimbula NSW
55. Albany WA
56. Marysville VIC
57. Tamworth NSW
58. Clare SA
59. Birdsville QLD
60. Bermagui NSW
61. Richmond TAS
62. Coral Bay WA
63. Denmark WA
64. Atherton QLD
65. Picnic Bay QLD
66. Seventeen Seventy QLD
67. Mollymook NSW
68. Rutherglen VIC
69. Coober Pedy SA
70. Karumba QLD
71. Nguiu Settlement NT
72. Tamborine Mountain QLD
73. Mt Gambier SA
74. Kuranda QLD
75. Dorrigo NSW
76. Walhalla VIC
77. Mildura VIC
78. Berry NSW
79. Eumundi QLD
80. Exmouth WA
81. Dunkeld VIC
82. Parachilna SA
83. Sofala NSW
84. Tumut NSW
85. Ross TAS
86. Augusta WA
87. Kingscote SA
88. William Creek SA
89. Wisemans Ferry NSW
90. Halls Gap VIC
91. Hervey Bay QLD
92. Derby WA
93. Bridport TAS
94. Wollombi NSW
95. Evans Head NSW
96. Adelaide River NT
97. Nain WA
98. Kalgoorlie WA
99. Eagle Bay WA
100. Deloraine TAS

This list was constructed by www.australiantraveller.com.au

From au.yahoo.com

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